About Captain Trade

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Captain Trade Company is a pioneer meat and alimentation trading company with headquarters in Istanbul - Turkey overseeing our operational branches in Palestine, Jordan, Brazil, and Vietnam. We specialize in supplying your requirements of frozen meat products mainly sourced from South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay.

Since our beginning in 2003, we have consistently developed our business strategies and operations approach to meet the demanding market needs. Our philosophy is based on providing unique services to our clients assuring that they request, regardless of the order size, is properly processed and followed up starting from placing the order till the final delivery going through all the different stages of documentation approvals, quality assurance, and shipping so that our clients can rest assured that they will receive the product based on their preference and their market expectations.

Our dedication to staying always up to date on the progress of the market supply and demand had us participate in all major international fairs and exhibitions in different locations globally, and make continuous visits to evaluate the sources around the world which allowing us to provide our clients with a consistent innovative supply of products from new producers.